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2023 NM Customer Appreciation Day — Watch the Highlights!

2023 MHQ West - New Mexico - Customer Appreciation Day Highlights

Thank you for another successful Customer Appreciation Day here at MHQ West - New Mexico!

One of the greatest things that we do to help the customers is by bringing vendors in and displaying all these vehicles. They’re able to see some of the newest, latest, greatest equipment that’s being released and have face time with the experts. Manufacturer representative can answer their questions, amazing technology is on display, and food and fun bring the whole community together. 

"The MHQ West Open House was a resounding success. Over 400 people attended, meeting over 80 vendors and enjoying a barbecue feast (not to mention the hundreds of donuts)! We all had a great time and look forward to doing it again next year. Hope to see you all there!"

Over 80 Vendors Came from Across the State of New Mexico!

  • 500-600 attended this year!
  • FRESH BARBECUE & DONUTS meant no one was hungry.
  • DOOR PRIZES from our vendors included coolers, handguns, light/visor bars, artwork, ammo bags, knives, vehicle models, and more!
  • Q&A SESSION with the MHQ West team.
  • ALBUQUERQUE POLICE showed up to join the fun with a whole fleet of motorcycles!
  • EXPERTS on the ground explained the technology.
  • REPRESENTATIVES from the actual manufacturers fielded questions.

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