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Breakfast Time Debut — Autism Awareness Wrap Revamps an APD Work Vehicle

Autism Awareness

MHQ West Works with the Autism Society to Design a New Autism Awareness Look on APD Vehicles —
The First in the Nation!

MHQ West was honored to work alongside the Albuquerque Police Department and the New Mexico Autism Society to arrange a new look on one of the APD’s work vehicles — an autism awareness wrap that represents our community of diversity and connection. For police departments, community outreach vehicle graphics offer the opportunity to have fun and make a statement, since these vehicles don’t have to conform to the graphic requirements of patrol vehicles.

The National Autism Society supplied the fundamental weave logo from their new brand launch, and MHQ West’s designers set to work to integrate the weave logo into a wrap that would revamp one of the APD’s work vehicles with a new look. 

“It’s a big step forward for the autistic community were moving away from the puzzle piece and were going with this new design which is really important to the community because it’s now a representation of community diversity and connection.”

The threads of the weave — which represent the individual people within the Autism community — and the tagline “Serving All Communities” work together to visually support autism awareness and four values of the Albuquerque Police Department: 

Acceptance • Community • Connection • Support

After a few initial versions, we came to the perfect wrap that shows off the new weave design and represents a diverse and connected community.

"It was a pleasure working on the design for this vehicle."

"It was our pleasure to assist the police department and the Autism Society in putting this vehicle together."

The New Wrap Makes its Debut at Breakfast Time for World Autism Awareness Day!

The new vehicle wrap debuted at the Autism Society’s event: Breakfast with APD. We were glad to attend and mingle with our police officers and community members as we celebrated this new initiative for autism awareness. We even saw some familiar “faces” in the form of the APD’s upfitted patrol vehicles. Attending kids were able to explore the cars with uniformed police officers by their side, and if little hands wandered with interest over the sleek silver and black graphics — well, we only preened a little bit. 

Events like these, over juice and coffee, build trust with different community groups and make designing and implementing our custom graphics incredibly fulfilling. To the APD and the Autism Society — we got you covered  ; ) 

"We had the best celebration of Autism Acceptance Day with APD & AFR! APD debuted their new Autism Acceptance vehicle to the community. We are honored to have collaborated on such a positive initiative in the community."